Reviews for "NGHH'11 - MadFLeX vs Gasmasq"


Wow, just, wow.

Amazing beat, helped with the sometimes awkward commentary from Red, but it gave a more live feeling.

Anyway, the battle.
Flex's first verse had what I'd expect from him. Great flow, lyrics and energy.
Gas made a verse to match, but it was clearer.
Altogether, Madflex won in the last verses. Not because Gasmasq's quality went down, more that Madflex's quality went up.

Awesome comp, Red, thanks for putting this together and for letting an unknown judge this. :3

For my man, Gasmasq

My vote could just as easily go to you, man. You came with some great flips and internal rhymes, and I'm really sorry that you had to deal with some other stuff near the end of this thing, but it speaks volumes about your character.. I'm glad we were able to figure out whatever drama came very quickly with a mutual respect like grown folks, too. Competition always creates anxiety, but the fact is, I'm a Gasmasq fan, here on out.

My vote goes to

Madflex. Honestly, he brought better energy, flow and disses. I fell off my last verse with the shit going on with my fam, but that's not an excuse. Flex definitely showed that, regardless of his lack of available hip hop tracks, he had the balls to stand with the best and take the cake.
i'm glad I made it this far in the comp and have mad respect to ALMOST all of the other emcees who competed.

The best 32 goes to...


If it were for the best NG rap career, it would be Gas. If it were most improved from last year, it would be Gasmasq.

But every line MadFLeX hit, I felt the first time around. I had to listen to Gasmasq's lines multiple times to hear the good hits.

I think these guys need more than 16 bar verses, cause this is a HUGE bite to chew. Both AWESOME MC's and I regret having to choose, because I'm a big fan of both. But for some reason, I saw Mad had the spark since the hype and it rained gasoline throughout the comp.

As much as people want to be critical of shit this year, the final was SO MUCH BETTER than last year. No disrespect to Exceptid or Cynic (who could have won last year with the skill developed this year), but this MC KNOCKOUT 2011 was incredible and definitely should be expanded upon next year!


I thought that Flex definitely brought mad skill to the table against the Masq, but in the end didnt keep up.
My votes for Gasmasq.
Props to both rappers for their amazing lyrical skills.