Reviews for "NGHH'11 - MadFLeX vs Gasmasq"

Pretty awesome.

Both MC's were great, and the rapping was the best I'd heard from either of them. Overall I'd give it to MadFLex, the transit of property line was a real doozy and I really like his style. Gasmasq did great too though.

Well done to Delinquent for the beat as well, very nice sounding.

Been waiting on this for like 2 weeks lol...

I say Flex won this, but barely. Both emcee's are sick.

Too many Cynic lines though, he isnt that good lol.
Overall, this was a great final battle.

Good luck to the both of you guys :D
May the best emcee win :D


I can't decide on a winner cause you were both sick. Just wanted to leave a review saying sweet competition and a great battle to finish it on. Awesome stuff!


Fucking sick battle. It was a really tough decision. Gave it two listens just to make sure. Givin' it to Gas by a nose.


Both of you are absolutely sick, so much that it is hard to choose. I honestly thought it wouldnt get much better than last rounds Cynic vs. Madflex, however this battle topped it. Both you guys were level to the point I couldnt choose with some dope disses and flips. But it was more than that, in line rhymes, top references and originality. The quality of the rapping is similar to that of that of mainstream rappers and I mean this seriously. I would say you were even until Gasmasq's last verse, where he went a bit off his high game. If things hadnt happened with his family, I think I would have to have given a tie, however I think Madflex just about clinched it. That said, I am a huge fan of both MCs.