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This just kicks ass. period.

TIMarbury responds:

:P thanks

I hope you take no offense to what I'm gonna say.

I'm giving you a 10. Because this is Newgrounds, where this is actually good among the rest. I'm a *decent* trance producer, if I can say so myself, so I'm hoping you actually read this review and try to work on what I'm about to say...

Here is what I would FIRST work on:

- Gross beat. Don't use it as much. Us FL users can tell when someone uses it, and it's already a bit old to use without REALLY changing things up. If you're not using GB, sorry but it sounds like you were in parts.

- Volume levels. I'm not sure if anyone else will tell you this, but they are actually not the greatest. Not close actually, if you want to get technical, but I won't be here. The big thing for trance is that you have to have a good exchange between the kick. And that their frequencies don't clash. When they do, you've got a song like this one starting right back at you. So what should you do about this? Don't have the bass as high right now. It's too loud, actually. Your kick is drowning below the rest. Percussion is what drives trance, despite what others will tell you. Since percussion drives it, bring percussion to the front.

- Percussion. Not a lot of it here. People don't like to stand around waving their arms for 90% of a song. Your song is no exception. Please take out some of the breakdowns you have and add more percussion (meaning kick/clap/hi hat). This song is like a 4 minute breakdown.

- More percussion details. You've got uplifts. Put a down after the uplift so it completes the tension. Not having one disrupts the "flow" of a track.

- Even more percussion details. Don't have as many "hits." If you love them so much, put them in places that you SHOULD put them in (start of a phrase), not in the middle of a breakdown like you did. It's just not proper trance producing. Listen to professional tracks and you can listen for yourself to prove what I'm telling you here is right.

What you can work on after you're done with those:

- Mastering. It's a terrible thing to do on a Friday night, but it has to be done if you want your track to sound "good." A friend once told me - Producing is 10% making the song and 110% is mastering what you've just made. This is completely true. You cold have the best melody and sounds in the world, but if it's not mastered well, it will sound like crap no matter what you do. I would rather hear a non-existent melody and song structure with a super-clean master THAN hearing this (decent melody and song structure with "meh" mastering/EQ work).

- Don't know how to properly master a song? Ask around. SOMEONE should know how to do it right. Ask me if you really want to, I can give you more pointers.

- Mask your samples. This means add more FX (than you already have, which sounds like none) to your percussion samples and other effects (i.e. uplift, crashes). If you mask them well, no one will be able to recognize where you got them from (which happens a lot here, I'm sure you know that).

Lastly, if you want serious advice with producing in general and want to further yourself, NG may not always be the best place to look for that kind of help (at your level of producing at least, it's good for starters). Again, PM me on that.

If I were to go through here and tell you little things, you won't ever get what I'm trying to tell you to fix. It's not about what to fix on this track, but rather help you improve overall on your production skills so you can look back at this remake and laugh at it, telling yourself that you sucked at producing at this point in your life. I can attest that I've done that quite a bit. And I'm sure I'll be telling myself that same thing one day to the music I'm producing in the near-future. That's just how it goes.

TIMarbury responds:

i must thank you a lot for this review because i agree with you completely. I know i have a LONG way to go in production quality and if i really want to go somewhere i need to leave newgrounds at some point. Gross beat, ya i agree it isn't so great to use everyone saids that to me so i don't take that lightly anymore. Percussion has never been my strong point and i think i need to work on that the most out of anything in my song producing, because it is pretty low level. I basically mask over the fact i have no percussion with some nice melodies but it won't work forever. I think putting the hits in more progression is what you are saying instead of putting them like every half beat for like 10 seconds which i understand. oh yea volume levels are loud, using a limiter in the master is the only thing from making this track clip hard. the bass itself is mixed it a way where the low is OVERDRIVED to a point where no other low can drive though ( such as a bass drum which you mentioned ). I understand all the things you are getting at. It is just gonna take more learning and time to understand how to combat these issues and grow out of this stage as i call it. I think i get how to master a song for the most part but not 100 percent but i think i can learn from myself what works and what doesn't work, if not asking others is great. I definitely agree with you at the laughing back at old tracks as i do that now with my old stuff because i feel i grew a lot even though someone like you might not see as much of an improvement, but to me i think i did improve a lot in just understanding music production. Obviously i'm not there yet but if i really put time into it i think i'm smart enough to understand what to do. I will definitely get back to you if i need any help or any question about production. Especial with peak controllers because i don't know how to use them effectively and i think that is a big way to help the mastering become cleaner. thanks so much :)

sorta have a bad beat tempo

i expeted the beat to be twice as fast cause of the way it sounds (i have a sorta timing skill) oh wait nvm its right.... it was the begging base that sorta screwed me up.... then the clapping made it 50X better

great job

TIMarbury responds:

:P lol thx

Awesome Song

I listened to the old version and I have to tell you that you did an awesome job here.. the song is now way better than it was before... if I think back I think that I've listened to the song more than 5 times :D
Great job.. hope to here more songs done by you

TIMarbury responds:

thanks alot dude more songs to come


This style has been done before. But it is still great to listen to.

TIMarbury responds:

never gets old to me