Reviews for "TI:.Alternate Attention"

Dude, thats really amazing

I love the intro really much, Keep it up!
Thats a great song you've done here.

Thats actually how I imagine a good trance song. Well done!!!

TIMarbury responds:

thanks dude :)

No words

Man I simply canĀ“t stop listening to it, great job.

TIMarbury responds:

Thanks dude. means a lot


I could your song is really great!


TIMarbury responds:

thank you :)

great song

has a great beat all the way though

if i could i would give it 15 stars ^_^

keep the beat alive!!!!

TIMarbury responds:

THANKS BRO. give it 5 stars 3 times ? xD close enough i guess

Wow, really great!

This really grabs your attention from anything you were doing previously, drawing it in with it's interesting groove! Awesome!
Kinda dead as to what else to say, unfortunately.

5/5 10/10 fav and download | All 4=Instant Awesome

TIMarbury responds:

:) thanks so much, i liked the intro glitching as well :P