Reviews for "TI:.Alternate Attention"

I Love This Song

Such an epic song. Every single part of it rocks. Really love the part at 1:01, and the end. I love you and your other songs. Keep up the great work! (10/10)!

TIMarbury responds:

:D thank you i love you too :)


this track is dope

TIMarbury responds:

thank you

This was better

This was waaay better than the rap song that won !
Oh well, might just be my taste of music ! :D

TIMarbury responds:

haha xD i agree with you

2 too to good

very awesome adn some what familliar

TIMarbury responds:

ty ty. its a redo of my older submission.

I knew this sounded fimiliar somewhere!

Surprisingly I can't believe this was in 09. Then again is this original? I can't really tell feels like I've been listening to this song forever.

That said this was a very worthy remake indeed! Keep it up!

TIMarbury responds:

yup... 09 feels like just yesterday... pretty crazy indeed. thanks :)