Reviews for "IndestructoCopter"

i kinda liked it

it draged on alot was to long

Brings back memories...

I used to play Super Scope 6 when I was younger, and it was pretty awesome. This game feels and plays just like it, so it is awesome as well. The only trouble I have is getting the guys all the way in the back...

This is a sweet game

It was really good how you had to consider the enemy's distance, and the upgrades were very useful. And majorpwnage1, the reason people write long reviews is because reviews are meant to help the creator improve! It's a shame I can't suggest any improvements.


I Like how the projectiles look like flares and how the enemies explode and also the storyline , it would be cool if there was a survival mode...

nice game

this is good... i like this game a lot. those little bonus ships are a bugger to hit. i wasted 17 rail gun shots trying to hit one, and it still got away. the emp shots can come in handy in the last 2 levels if your getting a wee bitty swamped. and the medal's are fun to collect. although i have no idea how to get the "beat 30 challange" metal.

all in all a very nice game. you earnt these 10 stars.