Reviews for "IndestructoCopter"

Awesome, just like IndestructoTank!

I liked the way the story linked to IndestructoTank's story. And I hope there are sequels, maybe one in which you have to use both IndestructoCopter and IndestructoTank? =P

Btw, since in this game we lose health, then maybe the copter isn't indestructable as it should be, isn't it? o.O


I liked it, it was different but i liked the idea :)

Next big hit man.

the only thing is that you can actually die. but other than that awesome

Great Game!

Great game...almost needed a boss battle though lol.

Quite Good

You have quite a bit to do before finishing it.
Love the general idea of this game, it's original, fun and deserves a better score really.