Reviews for "IndestructoCopter"


Loved it, great pretty much everything. Only thing's I can think of are possibly some more upgrades, being able to swith between railgun and regular, and uhh....I guess that is about it. Great job!!


Better than indistruc2tank! I Don't know if this has ben made by god or by you!
Keep the good job!


this game was awesome and once i got how to play it was kinda easy, but frustrating sometimes

that was awesome

but yeah, being that the title was "indestructocopter" i was expecting to be invincible. then i found out i could take only 5 hits... kinda sad really. but other then that, the upgrades were fun, especially the E.M.P. (electro magnetic pulse) bomb. i used it on the last level for kicks by letting the screen fill up with enemies then using it. fun watching all of them crash. i was expecting the rail gun to actually fire shells, not the missiles though, but it made it a whole lot easier to just kill 20 right of the bat. other then that, i saw no problems, if you couls call those problems. keep up the good work!

Woot!tis game is awesome!

Are you going to make a indestructoboat or indestructomech?Because tht would be awesome!