Reviews for "IndestructoCopter"

Not like the other.

In Indestructotank you were actually invincible not in this.

Great Job

No blowing Chopers up but I liked this game, although I found it a bit too easy (Even on Medium).

That reminds me, I have to play Industruct2Tank

Deserves First PLace

If you play the sequel to Indestructo Tank; Indestruc2Tank, it explains the story very well.

Especially once you get enough medals to unlock the timeline in the Medals -> Secrets directory, provides details on indestructibleness (maybe someday I will 'scientifically explain' some weird neutronium induced fluid stability relationship with this)

The Graphics were cool, the enemies were not too boring, and the gaming style itself is rather innovative.

The musical score was incredible, like a certain game you may or may not have heard of, known as Advent Rising.

I would like some boss fights like in Indestruc2Tank though, even though I have no idea on how to make something like that playable, fun, and challenging.

Also, I would totally, totally love to get the soundtrack, my email is xil22000@yahoo.com, just in case you decide to help me out. If possible, I'd like all the parts such as the marching sound and stuff.

Can't wait for the sequel to either Tank or Copter.


i love this, its such a good sequel to the indestructotank world =)


very nice game