Reviews for "IndestructoCopter"

Great and challenging game! I played this game when it first came out and i still remember it today!

I ended up liking this game. I was pretty confused as to how it was played out at first. I thought you were going to play the copter and it would be indestructible. That's what was done for the similarily named Destructo tank. That was made by ArmorGames too? Well, everything really is, nowadays.

I appreciated the unique gameplay. It did take awhile to get used to. I can appreciate all the work put into making this. No, I couldn't get the bonus. It was the only thing I missed!


distance shots are realistic and armor is also realistic, however the really long distance planes are pretty much impossible to hit, if an armored plane is at long distance it is almost guaranteer to survive. Also you need to be able to choose between railgun and regular, otherwise railgun is wasted on close up planes in the beginning.

Super Scope 6 via mouse.

Done well the timing to hit the distant objects is corrent. I do not like that I can not or at least can not see how to choose to use or not use my rail gun shots. I found them better to hit the distant targets.


i didnt enjoy this game, often the screen shakes, i suppose this is to add to the dificulty. but it just annoyed me. the tiny planes i found were damn near impossible to hit and my bullets went through the bonus planes.
all in all not a game i would play again