Reviews for "IndestructoCopter"

not as good as DestructoTank

I liked DestructoTank better...This would be cool if you could control the copter...

nice game

this is good... i like this game a lot. those little bonus ships are a bugger to hit. i wasted 17 rail gun shots trying to hit one, and it still got away. the emp shots can come in handy in the last 2 levels if your getting a wee bitty swamped. and the medal's are fun to collect. although i have no idea how to get the "beat 30 challange" metal.

all in all a very nice game. you earnt these 10 stars.

Great game

Awesome, but I think you made emp a bit overpowered.



great game

but it isnt really a indestructable helicopter... it is possible to die since you have health... anyway 5/5, 9/10