Reviews for "IndestructoCopter"


I get the concept but i didn't know that an indestructible thing could be destroyed!

Nothing new

their are so many games like this. some one needs to make something



this game is not that great

once the storm hits, its damn near random hitting the copters, if you want to make a game of skill, make a game of skill, if you want to make a game of luck, make a game of luck, but dont make a game of luck and market it as a game of skill

fun at first, then...

A good game indeed, but sometimes it was a little to much. I mean, sometimes i barely new how far they were. the radar was not explained, It was only later that i learned the rader was what was used to judge distance. The first few levels were okay, but then it got so hard to figure out how far ahead you have to shoot, and all while being thrown off by the bumping screen.