Reviews for "IndestructoCopter"


I thought it was a great game. If you made a sequel Id play it! Great mix of gameplay upgrades and graphics! A+ In my book!

...to easy

wtf was that it was to ez and it nothing like indestructotank at all


i thought it was going to be great cause indestructotank was and well sorry but it was horrible and your not indestructible you get hurt and dont make a sequel PLEASE more indestructotanks instead! 2/10 for effort.

Yea it was....

it was ok i must admit i found it quite boring however the idea of upgrades is great but that in indistuctotank3 that would be great :D

Awsome game......

Great game its much change from indestructo tank though.......i dont understand if it was a indestructo copter than why isnt it invincible??? all in all great game i think the game needs more upgrades.

by -Purple Ashes- : )