Reviews for "IndestructoCopter"

Good, but flawed

It was ok, but several problems made it flounder.
First, the size was tiny, it was impossible to see the really far back enemies.
Another problem was that you automatically used any purchased railguns, instead of having the ability to switch to them or to normal shots by pressing a key or something.


This was a good game, with the challenge presented by the distance perspective. The only problem was that after the third or fourth level, I had upgraded everything to the max, and had tons of extra money. There should be something to do with all this extra money.

indestruct2tank was better

I liked indestruct2 tank better.

pretty good.

i didn't like how the missles traveled, tho. i found it extremely hard to hit planes far away.

Great Game!

Great game...almost needed a boss battle though lol.