Reviews for "IndestructoCopter"


The game didn't feel very Indestructo, it felt more like a plane with health instead of fuel and the ability to smash tanks on the ground.

Not meaning to offend you're creative ability, but maybe you could take 4AMs idea and go from there?

It's fun for a little while.

good game

good game, but i liked indestructotank and indestruc2tank better. I felt like it was lacking something. and one of the things i would have liked to have in the game was the ability to upgrade the projectile speed.

Not feeling it.

1992 called, they want "Super Scope 6" back.

I was really hoping for some originality like the previous games. Maybe it should be a plane, and skip along the ground, bouncing off tanks whos explosions rocket it forward, and you must not drag along the ground for too long or else you'll scrape to a halt and the ground troops will come capture you.

The-EXP responds:

1989 called, they want the humour of your opening sentence back.
And super scope 6 was awesomely awesome. So I'm keeping it.

Medium was way too easy

First off, the problems. When you bought the railgun, you couldn't switch the weapons back and forth, a small but annoying problem.
I also gained all of the upgrades rather quickly, almost too quickly. I found myself having 100,000+ dollars with nothing to buy except railgun ammo, a rather dull experience there.

Other than that, it was a great game. Great perspective. I loved the camera and how the shots had to be timed. Not many games have that, it's a great diversion from the usual. It was also very interesting how it coincided with Indestruc2Tank. A great take off.

Overall, a fun little game if you have the proper background knowledge. A few small problems, but nothing major. 4/5


This game is awesome, Just needed some more detail and a boss fight