Reviews for "IndestructoCopter"

so close to something good

well it isn't anything like what I play inderstructotank for which is smashing stuff with a vehicle and 3-d was not a good move at all when I started loading this crap
I thought it was inderstrutotank + flight which would be friggn' awsome but i got something that turned inderstructotank into a flash cash-cow! >:(

way to easy...

it needs more upgrades. i got perfect on every one beecause all u do is aim like a centameter away. they should not call it indestructable copter they should call it destructable copter.the person on the bottom says it can blow up

good job

nice game, though maybe a little harder have the choppers and planes change how fast they move and where they move.
It was rather easy for me as I aimed just ahead of the target I was shooting at. similar to the old fashion method of shooting at the enemy aiming fire in front .

It was ok...

Well, it was ok, but it was really hard to time it right, and it is called INDESTRUCTOcopter, but you can get killed. But anyways, it was cool for awhile.