Reviews for "IndestructoCopter"

its OK

it was ok but like tosko said i like indestructotank better

i dunno

i like indestructotank better


i thought this would be a quite lower game compared to indesructo tanks, but it was same, if not better. great game, and very challenging. it aw hard to get bonus ships. but hey, graet thing.i got all the missions/ glory. GREAT STUFFS ON


The upgrades are a good thing to have in the games. The game is EASY, even on HARD, so you should add a more difficult game, (insane anyone?) maybe adding more enemies, instead of cutting exp. It is simple, and not massively hard, so it is fun for people while still providing a lasting fun in Challenge Mode.


First boune and now we have to shoot them with rockets.
It was a really good game, sometimes it was ahrd to hit those small helicopters but i pwned them with the railgun.
I'm late with this review i played this like 3 months ago or something.
But the game is really good, indestructo shitty rulezzz!