Reviews for "IndestructoCopter"


hey if the copter is indestrucdable why am i diying?? 3/5.


its awesome coz i got all upgrades and beat all 3 diffucalties :P

I've realised something...

All the Indestructotank games got Daily 2nd, when they were quite capable of winning Daily Feature...people must be psychic XD

Anyway, this is a very tricky game. Very difficult, in fact, near impossible after just a couple of levels. Other than that, very good game.

The system is denying yiou Daily 1st...


it was ok, but it says indestructocopter...i played..and died. meh it wwas good fun.
4/5 and 8/10.

Pretty good

This is good fun, and a nice concept, but really it's overshadowed by the might of Indestructotank. Still, good fun.