Reviews for "IndestructoCopter"

decent game, easy once you get the hang of it

the only gripes I had with this game was the small variety of backdrops and units, other than that it was a great game to go along with the PHENOMENAL Indestructotank series!

my recommendation would be to make a more graphics intensive version of this game in the future, and add additional weapon types in the next edition, maybe even put different viewpoints to play as (such as playing as the gunner or the pilot would be a fun way to make this a multiplayer game)

those suggestions would probably be VERY tough to incorporate, but if you can... More power to ya!


nice game please make part 2!!!!!!!!it was hard at 1st then easy nice job The-EXP!!!!!!

good but...............

it a good game but it isnt so fun i mean is good but without exargerating.

somthing about the game of indistucto

now i played it outa hte couple of levels its a nice and very though out game thoug hte name but its the thing about it i know though its suppose to be indistucto but it does not always ahve to be its just a name of the game thats all created though out indistucto tank,indictruckto tank 2 but outa that its a 10 for me and a very good game,but so sad the chef died you know :(,r.i.p brave worrior,i souluite you,lol

Cool Concept

This was pretty cool. I especially liked the unsteady camera from being in a pitching helicopter, and having to lead the further targets with the shots. I also like the way you mixed the drawn objects with the rendered backgrounds (Bryce, was it?).

I played on medium, and maxed my levels quickly, so I'm hoping for more of a challenge in the sequel, which is to say, I'm really hoping this spawns a follow up. Nicely done.