Reviews for "Armor Games Snowball 2008"


the visual effects are awesome i love the fact that the becomes transparent so you can see infrony of you big point on that i love the feel and the realistic txture that presents the physiscs is awesome over all a great grat game added as a favef 5/5 10/10

World Record!

8953 Xavier Xanthon! or Xanthon Xavier, dont remember, great game, i love how you didn't put the humans as real humans, so i felt ok with running over them!

Doggies - 50 Pounds
Deformed Color Palletes(Humans) - 100 Pounds
Snowmen - 200 Pounds
Yeti's - 300 Pounds

Trees - (if your snow retention is at it's starting point) Takes out half
Brick Walls - Kill you


this game is fun but are we really playing aginst other people? i havent played this game in a month and im still world record holder, so eather every one sucks ass at this game or we are not playing aginst other people.


10763 pounds...yay i have no life!


this is the most eye catching finger cliking game i have ever played. it is so addicting that i can hardly stop playing