Reviews for "Armor Games Snowball 2008"

guess what...

i am the 5 time record holder!!!! i have all five recordz!!!! mi nameis Oilz. no trix! cross mi heart seeif u can beat 3901pounds!!! or even 3100 something

neway great game lolz 5 time record holder i cant belive!

Pretty fun.

Fun like all the rest of the snowball games, but what's with all the fog? It's hard to see up ahead at times. But meh, I'm just picky... this is a great game!


I broke the regional record twice,the backyard record once,the hometown record once and the world record once.


nice game! I just got the world record with 7077 ;) haha! 10/10 !!

fun game

10/10 another great game from Armour, 6351 and gettin higher,