Reviews for "Armor Games Snowball 2008"


this is the most eye catching finger cliking game i have ever played. it is so addicting that i can hardly stop playing

Well done

Snowball 2007 was a sensational game and the addition of 3D graphics and upgrades really added to the atmosphere of the game. Good job!

World champion!

I got the world champ belt and have now held it for 2 days running with a score over 4000. A good game, which never gets repetitive!

Good piece of work.

Personally, I enjoyed the first one more, but this one was still good.


it was better than the other snowball's games and i found this one ezer :D got all the Throphy's n stuff but idk it was just missing something....oh and whats up with the snowball boucing off the wall when i found out i can do that game got hella ez either way Great Game ^_^