Reviews for "Armor Games Snowball 2008"

i cant really rate this cuase i cant play

I have most up to date flash player and a new keyboard...put in fricken buttons....

josh-tamugaia responds:

Even if it says Flash 9 when you right click, doesn't mean it is up to date. I said! And you shouldn't review if you can't play. It means you haven't played the game and you already want to rate it 5/10... And have you tried clicking on the game screen?

Hellaciously addictive.

I'm liking the upgrade option-- that's an interesting feature in a snowball rolling game.

It's a vast improvement over last year's. Great job.

3-d nice!

i was wondering when you were oing to make a 3d verson of snowball! executed very nicely far adding another dimetion to the game

josh-tamugaia responds:

thanks. no problem