Reviews for "Armor Games Snowball 2008"

very nice

i gotta admit, the armor games snowball series is one of my favorite series on NG. the game is always fun to play. im a bigger fan of last year's version than this year's personally, but this was still great. the 3D graphics were a nice touch. i think it does the game more justice to use the classic cam... the perspective one is too pixelated. loved the new jumping system. but i was disappointed you scrapped so much of the customization from last year's. still, very fun and addicting game.

i have a request.. 3d katamari damacy. you'd be my fucking hero if you made it, and you could use the exact same engine you used to make this game.

josh-tamugaia responds:

3D katamari? Yeah I thought of that but seems like I could not find that game in stores... all sold out.

Thanks for being a fan!

Silly game

its sort of a drag. same thing over and over no music same sounds same courses not much randomness once you see the ball get really huge and make it explode you've seen the entire game. good graphics and keeps your attention for a bit. somewhat addictive


I can't get past the Name Entry screen.. I press enter.. nothing happens..

I have the needed flash player as well..

josh-tamugaia responds:

No you don't

awsome game

but i didnt like how the highscore system worked... i had world champion with 4936 then some guy beat me with 4939 and he was world champion (which didnt bother me) but what did bother me is that i didnt get national... its a ranking system that is slightly flawed... you can see who the rival is that is right behind you... thats my only disagreement and thus the 9 thanks

josh-tamugaia responds:


very fun

its a very fun game only drawback is the lack of music when playing but other than that, good work