Reviews for "Armor Games Snowball 2008"


before i knew it, i had been playing for over an hour and i was like OMGWTF! have to go. cant believe how addictive this game got. i got a score of 3900, which is a rip, coz overall i got well over 4000, but collideing into a tree then getting pushed stright into a wall!!! i mean OMGWTF!!!!


SUPER addictive , i had world trophy :D 5322 pounds

Oh yeah... I'm a snow cold badass!

I managed to hold all 5 records for 15 minutes at one point. I think the highest I obtained was 4327.

guess what...

i am the 5 time record holder!!!! i have all five recordz!!!! mi nameis Oilz. no trix! cross mi heart seeif u can beat 3901pounds!!! or even 3100 something

neway great game lolz 5 time record holder i cant belive!


I'm also on the high score too!