Reviews for "Armor Games Snowball 2008"


That was preety cool xD, but only 2180 points..xP

Very Fun

A nice continuation of the snowball series. I loved the alternate camera views and the way you have to gamble between breaking your own ball when it gets big (5500 or so) or try to continue ^^

The only real criticism I have is the way the high-score table seems to work.

Nice work.

i think i suck

this game rocks its so awsume but i cant get past 2500 and thats without crashing my record is 2165. :(

Pretty fun.

Fun like all the rest of the snowball games, but what's with all the fog? It's hard to see up ahead at times. But meh, I'm just picky... this is a great game!


nice game man ! and pretty addictive caught my attention for 1h + or so
and pretty highscore system, though i dont know how it works, i mean to the time of my review i got world record with 4 k lbs and i see some earlier reviewers with more (?)
however, coming to my intention, i've seen that you can actually spend points on the 'back button'. ok, does it make the button more reliable, or are there other benefits i did not percieve ;D ? now seriously, it should be fixed. to my suprise one cannot retrieve the points, like it's the matter with other skills and it was pretty enraging that i wasted mine this way :(
Painjester :3