Reviews for "Armor Games Snowball 2008"


Thanks for AG08! Couldnt wait! My favorite part is the ability to reverse the screen!


Very cool, I like the choice between reverse or classic... Although there should be a separate record table for the slow or fast snowball speed choices


i hope to see another 1 soon(maybe a summer version?

Sweet :)

Really nice game :)

Ive got a question how are the records done, i can see that the people or room i share the records with are half bots at least (since the scores reset to the same amount with diff ppl, those cant be real players) just wondering whether im competiting againts bots alone? (or even againts a random number generator :P)

Oh and also the best i got was 4077. how can people avoid trees whilst being that big and also going that fast O_O, ive maxed the tree reduction one, and working on speed (the speed at the beginning is stupid now :P)

josh-tamugaia responds:

Yes, at the beginning, at top speed, it is hard to control. But once you get bigger, you'll be lucky to have it.

About the records, yea, you see that there is no "Connecting to server..." or "Waiting for connection"... Which means the people in the game are bots. I have a generator that can generate hundred of thousands of different names... lol

lol i got world record :P

i like it.
nice graphics, doesnt lag if you have a big ball.
i beat the world record with 3784 points!(not sure about the last 2 numbers but the first two are correct :P)
first i thought it would be almost the same as the first 1, but it really improved alot,
especially the 3d view, really makes the game more fun to play.

anyway, i hope to see another 1 soon(maybe a summer version?armor games sandball 2008?)

keep up the good work,