Reviews for "Armor Games Snowball 2008"

very addictive

Well done on such a marvellous game. The 3d game engine is such an achievement in itself, but there are a few bugs. After a game is finished (i.e. the snowball is broken), if you tap enter more than once an as error message pops up, maybe have a look at it. Also, when a stat is max'd out, you can still buy more of it, which makes no difference to your stats and you lose points, so make a max skill amount please. Other than that, again well done. you can see me all over the leaderboards (Djmr).


just plain aweome game i felt good when i got all the records at one time :D
5/5 good job dude ^^


Great Game....but it needs a bit more of a goal....

For Ex..what if you awarded medals for every 1000 points you get then buy upgrades to the game with the medals...idk....just needs more of a challenge.....but it is fantastic

pretty damn decent

fun and addictive. my best was 5007 and i had all five records simultaneously


its a fun game easy to get adictive to it trying to beat the high scores and what-not