Reviews for "Armor Games Snowball 2008"

major error

fun game but when i started i had 9999999 upgrade points and you
maybe want to look at that cuz it spoils the fun
also it became a bit boring after like 10 minutes!
you should have added some music or other challenges

Snowballs can jump now?? Wow..

Very cool, if a little to easy.. I played it about five times, and I'm already the world champion. *Blushes* lolz. C'mon people, gimme some competition... =p


fun but too easy, you might want to make it a bit harder

fun but i've never got to the upgrade screen

to the top 100. haha!!

very fun but how ...

... how do you exit the remroll upgrade screen ?

josh-tamugaia responds:

Press Down to Select "Back" and then press Space