Reviews for "Armor Games Snowball 2008"

eh, alright i guess

alright but ive seen better


Great game, spend alot of time getting a nice score..
Still holding the world champion score atm ;) ( 6590 )

Keep it up!

( Just created this account, so Yay! first post )

Nice game

very nice game cabins are only bad thing in this game and almost ruins it but i currently am at highscores in place 12 :)


I used to have every title, but now i only have world cup... 6th place overall! hyrule472..

I really like this game. The physics are great, but the cabins are kinda crappy. I wonder how they still hit me even though it shouldnt..

pretty fun

i currently hold all titles... thank you thank you. but yeah.. its a good time waster