Reviews for "Armor Games Snowball 2008"

a great game... again

this game reminds me of Pokemon: DP in a lot of ways, most notably the slightly modified classic camera angle. the new angle is fun, although not very useful in terms of strategy. animations are smooth, and the expanded remroll upgrades are a nice touch. howver, this game also reminds me of Pokemon: DP in the sense of the graphics being outright suck, and that this is essentially the same game we've been palying for two years now. something new is in the order, and it needs to come soon. this year's installment is still going to my favorites list, but it wont be as high this time around.


this is good,you is a snow ball and go devorating the mans,and the ball is go greater,good,this is good


Played fir almost an hour!! I usually never play flash games that long!

Awesome graphics.


it wont play!
just saw the screen flashoing through each frame before i even clicked play!
i didnt ge tto play it :(

Now, that's...

...a fun game. Tough. But fun.