Reviews for "Armor Games Snowball 2008"

Great game

I found it rather addicting; and played until i held all the records (which was about half an hour)
I think the fact that im proud enough to save a screenshot means i should probably get a life.
But that aside, great game; its simple enough, and the record system and upgrades make it a good game.

Nice game.

Lets hurl a 5000 pound snowball at your house and see if the ball or the house breaks :D.

Nice :]

But why do the cabins destroy me even when they are extremely small compared to me
:P Fix it slightly so if you get huger then something you only lose a SMALL Bit of small
I was holding National World Record Holder now im Regional :[
I havnt played for pretty long though


My snowball's like the size of 10 giants and it breaks by a cabin the size of A FREAKING ANT. I mean COME ON!!!! Anyways kick ass game! I vote 5 4 U! XD

real nice!

the game is addictive, and it is real fun (and hard) to hold out with a 4000 pound ball when u upgrade all the skillz :-) 5\5 - 10\10