Reviews for "Armor Games Snowball 2008"

I ended up enjoying this game. It might be because I miss snow so much in Florida. Then again, we had some ice this year. I think the graphics have improved since the last game. I don't like it how I only had one jump. It was very easy to understand.

I thought the perspective was quite good in this. You really got a good sense of what was coming up. I would have enjoyed plowing some things over. The sounds seemed pretty high tech in this. I appreciated that.


I hold all records currently. 5000 something as top.
Anyway, a very nice game. I as well miss the manager part, but the upgrades are nice.


4872...there, you happy?

Anyway, this game brings back memories from when I was younger and played the first version of the game on armor games. I quite miss the "manager" part, but I suppose upgrades will suffice. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Good. But fail.

This game is good, but you can beat the world record without beating the national record º__º;

:) go on, try to beat it.

4638, i dare ya to beat it.