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Reviews for "Coffee Shop"

great! but...

I don't get sick of this! the weather is always frustrating (since when is it freezing one day and 70 degrees the next? especially frustrating when it's warm a few days in a row and no one wants coffee!) but it's really okay. The one thing I'd like changed is an option to TURN OFF THE MUSIC!!!

Stupid AI :D

This gets REALLY frustrating... aw hell you can't be the king in ALL games (I'm NOT saying I'm a game king)

Very fun and entertaining.

I like how you sort of have to have the usage of ingredients down to a science by applying the chances of the weather will be and how stingy or not people can be with their money. Also, I do like that you incorporated Her Space Holiday's Japanese Gum in there as the looping background music. All in all, it's a very fun sort of strategic game. Great job!


gud all i have to say


It was fun yet really frustrating, since I was trying to find a perfect combination instead of cramming all the ingredient bars up to their maximum... Other than that it was great for a while.