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Reviews for "Coffee Shop"


I got to downgrade to play this game? unforgivable!


Ok, really, why don't you just have him sell lemonade? There's no point to try and copy something if you can just play the original, especially if the original is better! I hate to be a hard ass, but it really isn't that good... sorry bro, it just stinks...

What the...?

This was a good game, I thought I played it before, but...I had the problem with the flash thing.
I dont wanna download an older version. Thats just stupid.

A little bug

I cannot play this with the newest flash.

You need to download older version of Flash Player when you want to play this.

When I try to play this it says: Requires Flash Player version,
You have version

And when I click get the latest version of flash it bring me to the download page of

To adamflecko

Maybe you're setting the price too high! I put my coffee at a reasonably low price,like 3-4$

This game is very complex(Kinda) and it's kinda hard for first-timers,but the tutorial comes in handy! I await Coffee Shop II.
'Nuff said.