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Reviews for "Coffee Shop"

Old Times

I remember this game! To bad I can't play it again.

I have this saved in note pad along with my other games links from newgrounds.

This is a great game people.


I've played this game before and loved it...its fun to play when killing time during my lunch break... Please fix the Flash issue...wtf is up with downgrading??


I have to download an /older/ version of flash to play? The hell?!

Why can't this game recognize the new version? It doesn't make any sense...

(I've played this game before and liked it alright; I'd like to play again but, DOWNGRADING? That's a tad ridiculous...)

Fix and Re-upload.

Also problem with the flash, complaining about outdated flashplayer, when actually the flash game itself is the outdated. I dont know why it cant recognize the newer version.

The game is dead unless you fix and re-upload. =/


What the heck! whats the meaning with this game, it doesnt make sense......
but it was after all good grafic. but the baddest music ive ever heard!!
but ill give it 3 points.....