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Reviews for "Coffee Shop"

I can't play the game; It says I need a new version of Flash, even though my version is higher. When I right-click and hit 'play', it goes to the title screen but none of the buttons work. I wish I could play, but I can't :/

Slapsak69 just right clickkand hit play its a browser setting im using mozilla and thats what i had to do. Only older games seem to do this.

On another note and oldie but still mildly entertaining.

Here's a recipe. 2 coffee, 1 milk, 3 sugar. Price:3

It's got a good concept, however initally you can't make a profit as people won't pay enough for your coffee to cover your costs. This combined with the random events that spoil your ingredients means that you're on to a loser from the get go.

Good balanced game