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Reviews for "Coffee Shop"

cool idea

good game,needs more options and less erratic weather but good game

they buy more the colder it gets



This game is okay!!!!!! every thing is so pricey and runs out!!! but it is still a pretty good game. keep working on it!!


This is just like Lemon Tycoon.
At the tutorial part where is tells you to but cups and all the ingredients...
well that text stays to mch on the screen which is annoying.
Another stupid thing is the light post...
even if people are right in front of it they still pass behind him...(hope you understand what i mean)
I really don't see the point in telling about the temperature.
A coffee is still a coffee and you ca drink it eve if it really hot or really cold.
My coffee tastes are influenced by the temperature.
But the graphics are cool and i really like the people faces...
You could have worked more on that preloader i think...

great game

I love these tycoon type games i will agree with the upgrades but will be waiting for coffee shop 2 the best way to make money is to max out all the ingredients thats what i have found to work the best