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Reviews for "Arabian Desert Test"

i dunno

im not really a fan of trance and i dont really know how to produce trance
so i dont really know where i have to nitpick

but you really should change the melody of that dulcimersoundin thing or turn it down an octave heared at 0:14 might be just my own opinion but i dont think that it suits the song

1:08 the flutething is really hard to sort out it just gets burried behind the rest of the track you should give it a bit more dominance but make sure the high frequencies wont blow the song away

dont really know what to tell lol im just not into trance

Windows98 responds:

Finally! a bloody helpful review. I will do JUST what you said!
thanks :D


lol @ your desperation for reviews.. the beat needs mixing/mastering
other than that I wasn't really feeling it too much and I like all genres of music.
Lay off the FL stock sounds too

My favorite part is 1:56 btw



Windows98 responds:

"My favorite part is 1:56 btw" haha very funny ¬_¬
But ok, i shall work on the beat
What do you mean FL stock sounds??

Many thanks!!