Reviews for "Paper Pug"


i liked it but the pug looked a little uhhhh weird

Claxor responds:

Haha, maybe so :P
Thanks for the score/review :)

Couldn't have thought of a better pair :).

You two work well together, i hope to see some more games. As usual, amazing coding from claxor and crisp, beautiful artwork from AB (Not AuthorBlues). Anyway, maybe add some more colour next time, if you do another that is :).

Nice work, 10/10 for both art and coding.

Btw AB, you have a very distinct art style, its very recognizable, which is nice, rather than editing someone elses, you've gone with your own, credit for that :).


Claxor responds:

Angry-Banana: Thanks for the comment I try to keep my style away from other styles so its more original,and this game had no color because it takes place on a notepad like level,our next game will most likely have color :)

Claxor: :D

I love this game

This game is amazing. Maybe if you make another one you should add power-ups or something like that. Anyways, amazing game!

its great

i loved it i see now reason you dont the grapichs are realy good and its inovative


very addicting my cursor keeps going out of the window though and i lose all control