Reviews for "Paper Pug"

its a good game

its a very good game but i cant get past lvl 2 lol


very fun and addicting!!, nice job =3

I like it

All u guys tht say it suks are just a bunch of stupid shitbrains cos this is good!
u dont have to say u like the gameplay but at least comment on the graphics, animation and sound aswell!!! now my moan is over, i love this game not just cuz of the gameplay but the graphics are excellent and the music is also ok.

this is now one of my faves and i'll be hoping to see more of ure work in the future.

congratulations lads

Not to good

It's not really a bad game but still it's just not entertaining
Like Zdogmoneyfrog wrote, it would probably be more fun if you could fight back and mabe make the characters a little smaller so you could move more.

its nice

it would be better if there were a way to fight back instead of just dodging