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Reviews for "Animate This!"

Lol nice work

Nice little idea, and I know what you're talking about. It was cool that you had a little bit of interaction in there, although it didn't do so much. The graphics were ok, seemed a little rushed, but then again, it was probably made in a day or 2 while you were working on a big flash, am I right?

Anyway keep it up, and I'm sure we'll be hearing more from you in the future!


Skaijo responds:

I'm finishing up This is Unmei, which is a continuation of Don't Trip, an animation I posted here some time ago. I like working on small fun projects to keep the juices flowing in between larger animations.

I appreciate the feedback!


This was funny xD. good job

cool one

that was a pretty nice animation. it's a little bit random overall, though it was well animated and thought of and it was quite nice to watch. cool graphics and audio and your efforts were good too.


Nice one!


I laughed my ass of rofl!! Well know I know how it feels to be popular xD

And when you clicked on kick ass lol hadoket !! and some japanes thingies in the end lolz and the DBZ fininsh ?? Well I forgave her lol

Skaijo responds:

Blah, I don't hate DBZ. But there's enough DBZ styled combat flashes out there to make anyone sick.