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Reviews for "Animate This!"


It was very funny, I have friends like that who don't shut up. and why can she not do a DBZ ending? Well anyway nice work Skaijo.

Skaijo responds:

Meh, I just refuse on principal.

Really cool.

Had me chuckling away.

I'm gonna guess that this took around 2 hours?

Tyrone's 2-frame lip-synchs actually worked pretty well, as did the zoom/pans on the 'kick-ass' bit to suggest more motion than there really was.

The drawings throughout have a beautiful energy. I like the cute drawings and the layouts of all the scenes.

My one issue with this is the buttons - the 'DBZ finish' button was a tad hard to successfully press and the later buttons before you forgive, which sorta brought it back to a previous frame if you clicked, were disconcerting.

Overall, a thoroughly chucklesome watch that is, as is your trademark, kick-ass.

Skaijo responds:

Brilliant review as always, buddy.

This animation came off mostly as a product of me practicing AS over the holiday break. It took about ten minutes to voice and an hour to animate at most. There wasn't much effort but I was so pleased with the finished product that I had to share it around.

The DBZ button deliberately needs at least 2 hits before it kicks over to the refusal as part of the joke. The other buttons such as Forgive, "..." and the others used to stop the entire animation, but at the last minute I thought it was just too much clicking necessary for an animation this short. I didn't remove the coding tho, which was certainly could have done.

Don't blame the bad lip-synching on Tyrone--as that's usually my fault. xD

Short and funny

Very funny, the animation would kill most submissions but for this one it really works and the voices were perfect especially for that blue blob which was Perfectly annoying. It was funny, enough so that i actually laughed in real life at it.


I really enjoyed that. I bet when stuff like that actually happens, it's not quite that funny.

Haha, that's just awesome. :D And then it just starts right over. Took a while before I realized that first sequence was looped and that you actually had to click something, I was just waiting for something to happen. Supremely annoying side-character, lmao. What, no DBZ ending though? :D Nice work!