Reviews for "Super smash bros ST 4"

It's getting better

Link's sprite is finally the way it should be.
You shuld put in punctuations in your sentences.
"Don't worry about him he doesn't have any feelings!!!"
It could be,
"Don't worry about him, he doesn't have feelings what so ever."

Finally, the show's getting better...

Finally, the show has improved to 5/5 and 10/10. The sprites are better(Sonic's, Mario's and Yoshi's sprites are sprites Alvin-Earthworm uses in his SMBZ episodes), the scene selection has an Exit button now, and the menu has some personality to it. Like, you copied the SSBM menu, and you have a "trophy section" that shows the information of the people that helped you create this video. I like your work.


elfin have grammer

This is getting good!

Sonic and now Snake!!!
It's too much to take in!(no homo)

snake is rite

srry to tell this xxnitramxx mario's first apperance was in donkey kong which was made in 1981 or do u not think that was mario... mayb u should do some research on mario so u hav ur facts straight b4 saying somting.