Reviews for "The Place I Once Knew"

Wooooaaaaaahhhhhh.........me like that O.o That is quality art.

YakovlevArt responds:


I am speechless. Usually I find something to critize or something that strikes my eye and kinda makes the art piece less attractive.
BUT this one... holyflyingsphagettimonster THIS one is amazing!
This is like a moderm art you would find from billionare art lover's mansion!

Extrememely well done! Good job!

YakovlevArt responds:

Haha, oh well, you're just being too kind ;)
But, I'm glad you love it. NG is always awesome to me and my work.

damn, very well done
might I ask how many hours this took you to do (from rough in to final edit)( if you don't know exactly just a basic estimation would be awesome)

YakovlevArt responds:

Haha, yeah I don't really time myself. a couple hours every day over a week.

Falling asleep dreaming that one day I will live in a antiskill dystopian future.
Then I wake up.

Put me back in, god please. Don't take away my neon signs and nightclub shootouts.

One of your best.

YakovlevArt responds:

Haha, very poetic, I love it.

Thanks a lot!

great! just nicely done. nothing to say more ^^.

YakovlevArt responds:

I appreciate the kind words.