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Reviews for "Final Fantasy Tenki"

Nice indeed

Keep it up, and nice play on FFA+, pretty humerus with the memory card gag.

RPGsrok responds:

The memory card gag was pretty good. =D Thanks for reviewing.


good job, bro'!

it is like FF

i cant believe how realistic it can be like FF
i got bored and wished they will stop talking way before they even started talking
GJ tho XD
[/////]----- Thumbs up i think

I must say...

The story was really good, and yeah the drawing wasn't all that great (but I have honestly seen much worse.) But you know full well that you made it that way, and I can at least tell what was what, and it wasn't crappy stick figures. I am sure if you would of put a bit more effort into the art, I would of only been blinded by the beauty and accidentally click Vote 0 =b Keep up the good work pro!


i absoltly loved it and i love the story line...
there were parts that were a bit boring but wow could u tach me to do animation like that? btw did u get the ramen and sake idea from naruto?