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Reviews for "Final Fantasy Tenki"

Pretty Good

Sure the animation was a bit slow at times, and it wasn't as perfect as FF A+, but that doesn't matter. The final boss part wasn't that good, adding that Friendship thingy, but other than that it was pretty good.

RPGsrok responds:

Yes, well, it needed to end somehow... I planned to spoof cliched animes, but in the end even I find it a bit annoying. I suck compared to Mousekliks' work, but a lot of people seemed to have liked this one. You don't always have to be perfect I guess. Thanks for reviewing.

nice work

The sound was pretty much perfect, and the storyline was solid. The animation was decent as well. Since this was made in between Chapel and Precipice, I voted fairly knowing that you werent as skilled in animation at the time. Well done and good job. congrats on getting "daily 5th"

RPGsrok responds:

I think we both know I can do better with story, and a lot of people have said this drags on, but it seems tolerable for most people. I think the daily fifth helped the publicity of this thing a lot, though the front page didn't hurt either. =D Thanks for reviewing.


Not bad, pace was annoyingly slow, and while I don't speak Japanese, the dialogue felt like it took ages to get thru. You really could've went somewhere and made an all out hilarious parody of FF instead of adding that typical, cliche 'friendship' thing - which slowly draggggeed on and killed the comedy in final boss battle for me. With regards to the voice acting, could've used more emotion, kept the mic farther away, etc. Finally, even if this isn't your best animation work, I say this is good enough considering the excellent concept backing it up.

RPGsrok responds:

Part of the reason it took so long was the need to fit in grammar requirements, but some was definately my fault. As for the ending, I understand completely what you mean, but seriously, how would you have ended it? It's not that easy to end a movie. Believe me! My friends and I though up a bunch of other endings unquestionably stupider than this one. Again, as it was a project, I needed to use my group member's voices in order for everyone to get credit. None of us were particularly good voice actors, but I think that (with a few exceptions) I got it to be mostly non-annoying. Keeping the mike farther away? I'll need to work on that... The technical side of recording isn't my strong point. Strange as it is to say, in this case, having animation that was merely good enough, was um, good enough. Hope I've addressed your concerns. Thanks for reviewing.

I saw it first, and it still rocks

Along with the rest of the 2006-2007 Japanese 2 class that the both of us were part of, I saw this vid first as the presentation for a project, and it was awesome. It still IS awesome, considering this is actually just the second time that I've watched this full-length. A great vid, and I believe you when you say that you can do better, because I've seen it first-hand, heck, I've worked with you and I know what it's like when you are working on a project. Overall though, I love how you managed to keep all the fun elements of Final Fantasy and combined it with funny jokes and honestly, I find the bad accents and grammatical structure hilarious. Awesome job, I look forward to your further ventures.

Great job

This definitely shows a lot of the hard work you put into the flash. For its length, it kind of drug on a bit, but I don't think you could have cut any of it out and had it be as entertaining. Great job, and let's see what you're capable of in your nest flash.