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Reviews for "Final Fantasy Tenki"

Not bad

The animation was sub par, but the at least it was a complete animation and not something that you never finished. The other problem I had with it, was that the talking was dreadfully slow. I would recommend practicing your lines and then speaking them a little faster next time so it doesn't feel like we're listening to someone reading a script.

Good job and I hope you make more!

it is like FF

i cant believe how realistic it can be like FF
i got bored and wished they will stop talking way before they even started talking
GJ tho XD
[/////]----- Thumbs up i think

wow good stuff

man that felt like a final fantasy game and was domo a big browinie or sumfin haha what did he say?? Kuso or sumfin lol but na it was awesome, nice to see sum ppl have memory cards

RPGsrok responds:

If you've never heard of domo kun, the mascot of Nippon Television, you won't get the references. Look him up on youtube or wiki or something. He's just a kinda random character, certainly not my creation. Memory card ftw! Thanks for reviewing.

It was nice but....

It was very long I got bored very quickly...

Very good!

It had a very good story and I liked how all of the voices were done in Japanese.(I really liked Caelum's voice) All of the music was recognizable and nicely chosen. The only thing I might like if you made better about it would be the graphics

RPGsrok responds:

I'll agree the jokes were good, but personally, I think the story itself wasn't much. Caelum's voice? That was me! Thanks! ^_^ There are certainly a lot of recognizable tunes in there, but there were some obscure ones too. Did you really get all the references? I think I've already addressed how I've done better graphics and all. Anyways, thanks for reviewing!