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Reviews for "Final Fantasy Tenki"


You guys spend a lot of time on this huh. What do i think. Well it kinda cool but the art needs more improvement. not saying that yours is bad but you can do beter.


I'm in Japan, yet you guys know more than I do. How long have you guys been studying?

Anyway, the only reason this isn't a perfect 10/10 is because in some places there's artistry that's kinda... really bad. Like character faces, especially on Kumo.

Anyway, your accents need a lot of work, but yeah, excellent job.

You Know

I liked it a lot. The graphics were a little bit off, but it was ok considering the time you had to make this. I liked the memory card joke, pretty original

Well keep it up


it was funny, really i thought was was going to die of laughing and even though it was long, it was still good, i will say the animation was okay, and the sounds were well NES annoying. but other then that it was good.

Too long, too boring


This piece was far too long. And boring. Seriously; you should tighten the plot up!
The graphics, were bad, but I've seen worse. The sound also sucked, however, but not THAT bad.

But substandard graphics AND sustandard sound, combined with this far too long story... phew, I also couldn't watch it to the end.
I don't say your flash is horribly bad - it isn't, and the idea wasn't bad. (except the rip-off of A+ in your description... shame on you)

Oh, I just realized I gave it a zero... huh, I'm gonna vote 4 tomorrow - this cartoon deserves a 2 or something.
Btw, go to a gym in your freetime. Srsly.


RPGsrok responds:

Well, to each his own. I respect your opinion. I believe, however, that I already explained that I needed to fit in all the grammar requirements and it made the film long. Hmmm. I put in my comments how the graphics and sound are substandard and I can do better. Well, that doesn't stop you from scoring me down on them, and I guess you didn't really talk about it too long. Thanks for voting fairly. Since you didn't see the credits (you can go the last scene and ignore the last minute of 'stupidity' if you want) I need to emphasize that the guy on the couch isn't me. You can PM him if you want (again, see credits). I retain my views that your criticisms dictate a 5 or somthin, but meh, I understand what ur complaints are. thx