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Reviews for "Final Fantasy Tenki"


omg japaner^^


It was awsome.

people dont realize hard work these days, maybe you can make another,just for the fun of it..

It's so sloooooooow it's so boooooriiiiiiinnnng...

That's too bad, your story are quite well, but your voice acting lack of expression, they're not lifeless dolls!They have characters have feelings too!They must express theirselves through the movie!Not just read a godam script!I love Final Fantasy A+, and your work is quite good, but I can't honestly gave a big score for the shell of a movie. the long the movie last, the worse it became. Please, PLEASE :Have good voice actors!

RPGsrok responds:

If I didn't say so before, (and I think I did) I'll say it again. This was originally a school project, I was short on time and actors. I needed to use the people in my group, good actors or not. I think a few of us did OK and some of us, as you said, sucked. It's also a little bit harder to act in a language that isn't your native language. Can you imagine acting in some german or chinese or even japanese script? Anyways, I just want you to know that I can do better (see my other work Dual Arms Precipice) and my next project will almost certainly have higher standards for the voice acting. I'd say I deserve a little higher (5/10 maybe?)if that's your only complaint, but meh. Thanks.

you tied

with Final Fantasy A+, you tired for first place in my heart :P

i love how you mentioned FFA+ also, that was funny lol


A+ was better. you did a good attempt at this, but rl pics didnt really go along with the story. But it was funny with the domo.

RPGsrok responds:

A+ was better? Really? I can't believe it. Who would've thought. Why, except for the animation, and the voice acting, and the REVIEWS and the score, I beat that entry hands down! Seriously though, this was never intended to be better than FF A+. I'm not sure I could ever do so good. It's just a tribute, at best. You don't like real pics? I'll take that into account. Really, I was a little lazy and I hadn't tried using so many before. Don't worry, I don't think I'll do so again. Domo kun makes everything funnier. Thanks for reviewing.