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Reviews for "Final Fantasy Tenki"


all i can say is never make a movie again


The whole thing was, well, boring. It would have really helped if you hadn't made the voice acting so s l o w . I understand you're not fluent, though (neither am I), so I can forgive it somewhat... but, it just lacked gusto. I'm sure the jokes could have been funnier, but it lacked comedic timing and it just didn't work for me. Of all the elements, I didn't mind the graphics, really. And your use of weather puns in the names was kind of witty, so I can appreciate that humor regardless of my overall feelings about the work.

Anyways, as you've mentioned, this was just a school project and not your best work, so I won't judge you by this. Since this made it to the front page, I hope that I can see better stuff from you on the front page in the future :/

RPGsrok responds:

I know what you mean. Ya think it was fun listening to someone in your group, who you KNOW has to act in your movie, and he sucks, and there's nothin you can do about it? I think some of the "comedic timing" may have been sapped as a result of some odd sound syncing problems I tried my best to fix. LOL, you got the weather puns! Did you notice that the last kanji in the ultimate storm thing says "kumo"? =D I honestly didn't expect front page from this, and I'm still not sure if this movie deserves it. But I guarantee, my next movie (if it gets on the front page at all...) will be amazingly better than this (at least in animation and story, it's not really a comedy) and I hope you look forward to it. Thanks for not judging me based on this, I appreciate your review.

Pretty good

That was good yet not fantastic keep up the practice and you will come through ith something better


Man...i saw this was gonna be like FF A+ wich was one of my fav. flashes ........and sadly this was really dissapointing T_T None of it was funny..... T~T
I mean....it was completely sappy at the end and all i could think was *They better come up with a punch line before i go mad*
...i mean...even a godzilla pun would have been...SOMETHING...
The way you made this was bad to, i know you knew you didnt do well on the animation, and your right. But also the way you made the charecters were less enjoyable then the chibi ones you made for FFA+

Ive waited like a year or more...maby 2 for something like FFA+ and now im just like "WTF" ....it actualy almost makes me want to flame you >_<

And please...dont put yourself in the movie again. The voice over from the player is funny as hell but once you see it was like rl...just ruins it!

Shame....lots of shame from this

Please make another and god please do alot better and put some punch lines in it! I ALMOST CLOSED THE MOVIE WHEN IT STATED GETTING SAPPY >:-[ And i never do that!


3/5....but thats just because i know you could have done alot better

RPGsrok responds:

I know I can do better, I've said so myself. At best, this would've been a tribute to FF A+, it could never surpass it. The person shown wasn't me... But I get it. I won't be using live in these movies again. As my next movie isn't really a comedy, it won't have punch lines, sorry. Thanks for not flaming me. I hope my next work lives up to your expectations. I appreciate your review.


...ya i didnt like that much... the animtions wernt that good, the voice acing well... it was in a foreign language... it didnt really have a point to it. i thinl that you were taking the piss out of FFs but i cant be sure. i was sligtly intertained, but ultimitly disapointed. the start was funny, but then it was just a drag.
trie eediting out some stuff to make it shorter.